Before starting his variety show, Don was a musician. A drummer since age 10, he was also a versatile composer and wrote most of the material that his band, FOX, recorded. Don scored a Billboard pick with the song, “Dreamers” in 1978. He received 8 American Song Festival Awards between 1980 and 1985, more than any other composer in New England at the time.  His rock video, “Old Paris”, showcased in 1982 at Billboard’s 5th International Video Music Convention in Beverly Hills, CA.

Before FOX, Don was in a band called ‘The Blazing Sons’ with his brother Norm. FOX was started along with another set of brothers, Mike and Steve Galipeau. FOX created an immense following throughout New England, upstate New York, and Eastern Canada due to their incredible live performances.  Widely recognized as the best unsigned band in New England, FOX’s original tunes were memorized and lip-synced by the thousands of loyal fans they performed for each week. Don led the band, writing all of their songs across 3 albums, singing lead vocals on many of the tracks, and also playing drums at the same time.

The music:

And some video:


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